Less Chaos.  Learn More.

Less Chaos. Learn More.

Importance of Differentiated Teaching in the Classroom In a class full of 50 students, each with their unique trains of thought, development, and maturity, is it ethical for classrooms to adopt a uniform teaching method for all of them? Differentiated teaching, the art of effectively educating all levels of students in the same classroom, was designed to address this problem exactly. It is a technique mastered by the best of the teachers from the herd, through which each student receives individual attention and achieves their highest potential for learning.  Differentiation is primarily a student-centered teaching approach: through a combination of personalized content, projects, individual assessment, adapted environment and learning approach, it is designed to meet the individual needs of each and every student in the class. Coincidentally this is the most important aspect of this radical new teaching method – differentiation allows for the brightest students to pursue new avenues of knowledge, simultaneously helping others to focus and improve upon their weak points. In this way no pupil is left out or struggling; classroom learning becomes infinitely more productive for all the students.  A common complaint among pupils is that classroom education has become a boring, monotonous and ineffective activity; however, with differentiated teaching, this is never the case. Teachers adopt a wide array of practices to reach out and connect with their students. An example is in the case of classroom environment: teachers set up quiet, distraction-free reading areas as well as areas to accommodate group study and collaboration. The student can then easily choose the right learning environment to accommodate his or her preferences.  Another fascinating concept… Read More »

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